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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I just love being my own boss!

Wow! I set up at the flea market today and did great! I sold 36 widgets, and had 6 woman request information on selling widgets as a home business.

I also had a young whipper snapper stop by my booth - I do declare I think he had a thing for me! Imagine me, Saretta Sue, 50 - something years old, attracting the attention of a younger fellow! I must admit, I do still have it!

The woman that won the free widget was sooo excited. Come to find out, she's always wanted one, but her husband told her it was a waste if money. I told her that after she had the widget for a month or two, he would see the value in owning one.

I had one woman that had me go through my whole speel. What a widget is, how you use it and how to sell them. I really thought she was interested. Come to find out, she's a beach bum that lives in a tent in the woods along the lakes edge- squatters I think they are called. She was lucky to afford a loaf of bread- forget the widgets! Everyone thinks they can get rich with no investment and no work! What happened to good old fashioned work? And why do people waste our time when they know from the first word they speak that they are not planning on buying?

Regardless, the woman and her friends were kindly souls and invited me to their tent for a drink tonight. I did stop over for one drink. The young guy was there- apparently he bought the old Stevenson place down the road.

Well, I'm quite tired from my day, and that glass of homemade dandelion wine I had with the kids really relaxed me!


Love ya Darlin's!


  1. What are these widgets you're selling? SOunds interesting. Great blog!

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