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Friday, February 6, 2009

Been cleaning, working on my home business

I've been working on cleaning out my basement the last few days. The kids from the tent lent me a hand. They wouldn't take money, so I fed them a good dinner and gave them a table that they wanted to fix up for their tent. Harper is thinking of stripping it, sanding it and repainting it. She really does know how to make their "little home" very cheerful.

The Kids from the Tent: Selena, Dev, Harper & Spike

I took the day off from "spring" cleaning to work my business today. I am very distressed about a new member on my team. She signed up to become a rep with us a week or so ago. She paid her kit fee and was so excited. Just about every woman in her family needed a widget. Widgets had been in short supply in her area in the recent past. She had a gold mine in her own hometown!

The day after she started, I called her to go over a little bit of the training. She was ready to go! The day after that, it was like she went into the Witness Protection Program or something. Yep, she went WPP on me! I have been unable to reach her since.

I know, common sense tells me she just decided (for whatever reason) that maybe selling widgets wasn't such a good idea. Most likely a dream stealer- her husband or kids - shed a shadow of doubt over her. Her self-confidence and her dreams were probably not strong enough. She doesn't believe she can succeed.

What I would like to ask these people that spend money to join something, then quit without even trying is this: What else have you got going for you? It's so sad. They will stay stuck in the rut they are in. AND they probably bad-mouth the company they joined. Most likely they will snarl, " I never made a penny with them!" Well, of course you didn't, you never even opened the marketing kit! You never did the training! Tell the people the truth!

Is it the company, or you?

Ok, enough of that. What is , is. What will be, will be!

I must admit I felt better about the world after I found this old sundress packed away in a box downstairs. This dress is so cheery, I always feel happy when I wear it. i'm sure you can see why!

Ain't it just devine, my darlings?

End note: Selena, Dev & Harper are compliments of my 11 yr. old daughter

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I just love being my own boss!

Wow! I set up at the flea market today and did great! I sold 36 widgets, and had 6 woman request information on selling widgets as a home business.

I also had a young whipper snapper stop by my booth - I do declare I think he had a thing for me! Imagine me, Saretta Sue, 50 - something years old, attracting the attention of a younger fellow! I must admit, I do still have it!

The woman that won the free widget was sooo excited. Come to find out, she's always wanted one, but her husband told her it was a waste if money. I told her that after she had the widget for a month or two, he would see the value in owning one.

I had one woman that had me go through my whole speel. What a widget is, how you use it and how to sell them. I really thought she was interested. Come to find out, she's a beach bum that lives in a tent in the woods along the lakes edge- squatters I think they are called. She was lucky to afford a loaf of bread- forget the widgets! Everyone thinks they can get rich with no investment and no work! What happened to good old fashioned work? And why do people waste our time when they know from the first word they speak that they are not planning on buying?

Regardless, the woman and her friends were kindly souls and invited me to their tent for a drink tonight. I did stop over for one drink. The young guy was there- apparently he bought the old Stevenson place down the road.

Well, I'm quite tired from my day, and that glass of homemade dandelion wine I had with the kids really relaxed me!


Love ya Darlin's!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Working at home on the beach!

Well I arrived at my desination. I own a second home by the lake. A cottage you might say but I love it. It takes 6 hours to get here, but since I work at home, I can stay for weeks at a time.

I had a woman at the rest stop ask me about the sign on my car. She said she has heard of us and was seeking information on starting a home business selling widgets. She seems to really love widgets. She will do well. We set an appointment for me to call her today.

When I arrived last night I unpacked the car, had a few glasses of wine and hit the sack.

Upon awakening, I dug out my sexiest bathing suit and braided the hair (hey ya never know!). I put on the original Boynka necklace and bracelet that my 4th husband, Old Man Huntington bought me on our trip to Oxacana. My beach bag is packed full of brochures, order forms for starter kits and flyers. I'm off to the beach as soon as I'm done here. I need to first post my ads, check my emails and check in on my social networking sites like cafe mom , New York WAHMS, and Come On Home .

Tomorrow they are having a flea market of sorts down by the water. I am planning on setting up a booth for my widgets. They are hot items here on the beach.

I tried to call the woman that I spoke to at the rest stop yesterday. Bum number! What is wrong with people that they lie? I'm sure she was turned off the minute I mentioned the $50.00 marketing kit that must be purchased in order to start a home business with us. I have to laugh- she went on and on about how much she wanted to change her life. How she's tired of living pay check to pay check. And then she lets the thought of a $50.00 marketing kit (which is chock-full of sample widgets!) blow her dreams. People like that will never progress in life. And they will continue to whine like a new born about their situation!

Well, I must finish my work then get to the beach to check out the men- I mean to prospect for future widget sellers. I LOVE working at home! Everyone should try it!

Toodle- loo!