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Friday, January 30, 2009

My Name is Saretta - I am a home business owner

Hello and good day to you. My name is Saretta Sue and I am a Home Business owner with
Widget's for Woman! Don't know what Women's Widget's are? You'll have to check back often and see if you can figure it out! Pss... it ain't computer widgets! I love working at home. Here is why:

1. I have always been rather strong headed and really don't like being told what to do

2. I have a rather "authentic" sense of style. I like flash, lotsa bling. I have been fired from more than one job because the management didn't appreciate my choice of dress. The &*%$# with them. I'm on my own, baby!

3. I'm 50-something yrs. old and after being married a few times (ok, 6 times) , I am standing alone! I have found my niche in widget's and there ain't no turning back!

4. I can buy all my widget's at a discount. What more can a lady ask for?

Business is just great! Check out the car I just bought with the proceeds from my home based business. It has everything! Now my 4 year grandson says he has the coolest grandma ever!

I started with the widget thing a short 2 1/2 yrs ago. Granted, other companies sold widget's, but not any for woman exclusively. It was an open market and I made the best of it.

Soon, my team was 50 strong, then 100. They built their teams. Now, I've lost count of the number of widget representatives in my organization.

At first I marketed the widget's locally. I have done party's, events and flea market's. I still do all of those, but recently I have added Internet Marketing to my bag of tricks- hence this blog.

What I have learned about marketing online is that there are a lot of rude people advertising out there.

For example, I have noticed a number of people advertising two or even three posts in a row! Silly you- don't you realize it makes you look insecure and desperate? Now I'm not saying I haven't ever made a boo-boo and accidentally posted twice, but everyday! Shame on you! You know who you are! Your mother would be ashamed of you!

The other day I saw a post that made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants! The title stated that there was no recruiting involved. What was the ad about? To join the advertisers company- the advertiser was recruiting! What were they thinking?

And then there are the misleading ads- "I made $3,244 my 1st day!" If I made that much my 1st day in business you can be damned sure I'm wouldn't be advertising on the free forums! If you make that much- buy an ad. Save the work of reposting!

On many of the social networking sites, you can leave a profile. I always put information about my wonderful, wacky widgets on my homepage. I constantly get friend invites with information about starting a home biz with this new friend. Are you crazy? I love my widgets!

Of course, I get a lot of flack from my son. He doesn't understand my obsession with the widgets, but he see how happy I am with them and the money they have brought me. Bet he's relieved! Being my only child, he must have been dreading the day he has to take care of momma. Now, momma can take care of herself.

Anyway, I'm loading the car up with my widgets and heading off for warmer weather- it is colder than a witches teat out right now!

Until next time- Get your widget's now! Never leave home without them!

Bye-Bye Darlings! Check Back often, ya here?